House of w

Delve into the secrets of your adored fashion house, and then a tad more!

Decoding of W !!

W embodies Worship.  Explore timeless style with a modern twist, seamlessly blending Western elegance with Ethnic charm. Our designs pay homage to tradition while infusing contemporary elements, offering the modern-day fashion enthusiast a unique and versatile aesthetic.

Choice for all

At Houseofw, we celebrate your individuality by offering diverse sizes across all our brands, ensuring fair pricing and the perfect fit for everyone.

Body positivity

At Houseofw, prioritizing a positive body image is paramount; we shun stereotypes. Our diverse roster of over 100  models authentically represents our audience. We staunchly oppose digital alterations, embracing stretch marks. Committed to our models' well-being, we adhere to a robust Model Welfare Policy.

HOUSEOFW Marketplace

Houseofw, where vintage allure meets modern marvels. Our team scours the globe for fashion's finest, offering treasures like Barara ethnic, Houseofs, Coming Home, Artistify, Forestry Craft, Forestry Farm, ATEVA, ANVAM, Forestry World, and Forestry Soil. Each purchase narrates a tale, each finds a cherished gem.


At Houseofw, ensuring the safety and rights of every individual across our global supply chain is paramount. We uphold stringent ethical benchmarks and collaborate closely with our suppliers to ensure compliance. Our focus areas encompass transparency, fair wages, occupational health, mitigating modern slavery risks, and eradicating child labour.


At Houseofw, we're committed to ambitious sustainability goals, continuously striving for improvement. We prioritize ethical practices, enforcing stringent guidelines to prevent animal suffering in fashion. Our commitment extends to every aspect of production, integrating sustainable materials and processes into each Houseofw creation.